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Award winning


Brooke Michelle

Acting Reel

      Brooke Michelle is a 16 year old award winning singer, songwriter, and actress. She has won numerous awards for, both, vocals and songwriting,

 and was recently named "Best Female Pop Artist of the Year"
and "Best New Teen Artist of the Year" 
at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, CA.
She is also an outstanding actress, who recently performed in a production of "Rent" and as Eliza Hamilton in a junior production of Hamilton the world famous Gershwin Theatre in NYC. 

"Brooke is not only an incredibly talented singer,
but she is, equally, a naturally talented actress,
with an amazing gift of timing and emotion for such
a young person.  She is a true star in every facet."

- Christopher Ewing, Emmy Award winning Director/Producer

and longtime "Blue Ribbon" judge for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences "Daytime Emmy Awards" 



Bookings 832.457.0920


Public Relations:

Metro Media Group - Los Angeles


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